Lunch Out

“Don’t do what I do, do what I say,” is an old quote and I am absolutely guilty when it comes to following up on things. The fact is that when I was full time active I was always short on staff and long on commitments. I couldn’t really followed up with my clients after going in and winning a commitment to safety from everyone in an organization, the way I would like to.  I was always busy writing a new book or going some place else. That is why it was such a thrill to run into an old acquaintance of mine at Wendy’s at lunchtime recently.  He mentioned that last time we had met at UNC in Chapel Hill, we had talked about my coming in to speak there but he couldn’t get approval. “I introduced our own commitment program a bit similar to yours.” he explained to me. ” I had a top gun go around with me and I made a presentation and had him sign the commitment and then I offered it to everyone at the meetings and gave them the option to sign or not sign the document.  I was thrilled when they all signed it.”  He reminded me how they had been plagued with minor injuries and he then said that commitment signing thing really turned things around.

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