Meeting Where?

FettigArt_Audience-300x181Meetings with North Korea. In the fall of 1951 when I was in combat in Korea there were rumors that peace talks would soon be going on and then there were many delays, supposedly because the North Koreans would not agree on where to hold the talks. Of course, we were praying that the firing would cease. When we learned about this problem about where to hold the meetings one fellow G.I. said, “Hell, they could hold the meetings in an outhouse if they were really serious,” and someone responded, “But where would they find an outhouse in Korea?”

In my four plus decades as a professional speaker I have given performances in about every location you might imagine and yes I once gave a safety talk in a locker room adjacent to the men’s room at an Exxon

Plant in Baytown, Texas. I’ve worked in Casino’s in Las Vegas, Rhode Island and Atlantic City; at a Opera House in Spokane, Washington, the Coliseum in Charlotte, North Carolina, a Hockey Rink in Kalamazoo, Michigan, the Silverdome in Pontiac, Michigan and on the deck of a Troop Ship. Off the back of a truck, on a Greyhound bus, in a sorting room for Federal Express in Memphis and in a tent in the middle of hundreds of operating oil wells in Midland Texas. And I have traveled to the Artic Sea at Prudhoe Bay in Alaska, to sites in Newfoundland and Nova Scotia and British Columbia and Bermuda and Malaysia…and all 50 of these United States and most of Canada. So what have I learned in all of this? What have I learned? What have I learned? I learned that my next presentation should be the best one ever.

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