Mr. Pos – Say Something Good

I was writing children's books...

I was writing children’s books…

Just about a quarter of a century ago I was known as Mr. Pos. I was writing children’s books on positive living and happiness, success, love and all of that good stuff. There was a time in my life when I could say something good about everything and everybody. Whenever something negative happened I would automatically examine it and search for the positive inside. As I grow older this is becoming more and more difficult for me to accomplish.  Why is it that I am feeling that America and its people are not as good and upright and honorable and desirable as they once were? Have we changed our mission as a nation and our focus that much?  Perhaps it is time that I turn off the TV and step out to examine things first hand.  May God bless this nation and its people and please God, bring our troops home now.

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