Never Being Poor Again

"...and put it in my wallet..."  Photo by Olu Eletu

“…and put it in my wallet…”
Photo by Olu Eletu

Many, many years ago when our family was young and needy I heard about a way to never be poor again.  I decided to try it. I guess you could say it was a sort of mind game you played with yourself. First I had to get my hands on a one hundred dollar bill.  With one paycheck coming in and a wife and four children to feed on my meager salary from the railroad it took a long time to accomplish. I had to find ways to make additional income and practice real discipline but after several months of exaggeration on my railroad expense account and some profitable visits to yard sales, I managed to go to the bank and have a lot of $1 and $5 bills exchanged into one crisp fresh $100 bill.  I folded it over twice and put it in my wallet along with my cards for memberships and such.  There were so many things I was tempted to buy for myself and whenever I was tempted I would think about that $100 bill and often I would say to myself, “I could buy that if I really wanted it.” Suddenly I no longer wanted whatever it was that was tempting me.  The simple fact the money was there in my pocket made everything different.  I can’t remember ever spending it. I gave it away a few times to someone who really needed it, then replaced it.  That felt better than anything I guess.  I still have that $100 and it still stands between me and a lot of dumb things I don’t really need.

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