...I turned those cards into a mail list and sent out a newsletter to those 500 people.

Nearly twenty three years ago I returned from The National Safety Congress held in Chicago.  I had first keynoted the Youth Section at the Congress and then I was the Early Bird Speaker on the first day as a sort of warm up act for Elizabeth Dole.  As I recall it, there were around 2,000 key safety people there and I had a most receptive audience. The next morning I did another Early Morning Session and again we had a full house. I had a booth way in the back of the exhibit hall and after three days of exhibiting I was dog tired.  Driving home I had 500 business cards in my hot little hand and I turned those cards into a mail list and sent out a newsletter to those 500 people I had met personally who had expressed an interest in my products or my services.  At one time we built that mail list up to 12,000 and we would turn a newsletter out about quarterly and the lady down the street from my office and I would collate the thing and paste on a label and then put a colorful Commemorative stamp on each newsletter. (We didn’t know about carpal tunnel back then.) It was a killer job.  We sure did it the hard way.  Now here it is some 23 years later and we do the job of distribution by hitting a little key on my computer that sends this newsletter to my lifelong friend Terry in Arizona and he sends it on to you.

Now here I am, older than dirt, and every week I face this blank sheet and I think about all of you out there who are kind enough to receive my poor efforts into your life. Maybe you don’t read it every week but just maybe I do somehow intrude into your busy life and, just maybe I bring a new idea into your head or maybe even a smile.  Maybe, somehow, something I say helps you to go on and try a little harder at what you do.  If so then I believe that it is all worthwhile.  Have a safe and happy day.

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