No Hats

hatsEaster Sunday at our church and there wasn’t a hat of any sort in sight. Why I can remember going to church in Michigan some fifty years plus ago and the women of this church acted like they were having a hat competition with the elegant hats they would wear on Easter Sunday.  It was all in vain, of course, because this one lady, I guess I could identify her as a sort of snob, the talk was that she would go to New York each year and come back with the largest, most wonderful hat you could ever imagine and she would deck herself out in an awesome dress and weight down her body with jewelry and her husband would come in with a thousand dollar suit and the two of them just sort of lorded it over the whole congregation without a single “Hello,” or a “Happy Easter,” or any such greeting.

And then one day shortly before Easter the front page of The Battle Creek Enquirer broke the story that this particular lawyer whose wife wore those award winning hats and who wore those thousand dollar suits had embezzled many thousands of dollars from his clients’ estates. He was arrested and on Easter Sunday I do believe that everyone in our congregation was waiting for that lady to make her grand entrance but being that her husband was being held in jail for trial, sadly she did not make an appearance. And since then women’s hats sort of went out of style everywhere and, would you believe it, there were no hats at all this Easter at our church in Hillsborough!

The pretty little girls wore very pretty dresses but no hats. But oh the great things our women have accomplished to make this a better world!

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