No News Is Good News

...listening for news?

…listening for news?

There is a saying in the news business that good news is not news. It won’t sell. That just might explain the barrage of bad news stories that have dominated our newscasts these days. Some days it seems the whole world is out of tune. And then I put on a CD of George Gershwin music and his Rhapsody in Blue chases my blues away and then after days of rain and heavy clouds the sunshine comes pouring into my office and once more for a while all seems right with the world. My wife, Jean and I feel so blessed. We are so fortunate to live here in America. Our home is so comfortable. We feel so blessed to have one another. A nap is such an added blessing. When my work on a book progresses the way I hoped it would,  I consider it a gift. There is the possibility to discover joy in everything we do but we must seek it out and sometimes that is such a challenge. Counting my blessings is a habit I am working on daily. Tomorrow will be another wonderful day.

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