North Carolina State Fair

goodState Fair  Great music, fantastic food, and people. Breathtaking rides, prize winning animals and people. More people everywhere and sometimes it was fun to watch the people having the times of their lives. One thing about the North Carolina State Fair was how, how friendly the folks are and I didn’t see a semblance of a rough gang or a hostile person all day. The grounds were clean too. Orderly lines and can you believe it, we found a stand that offered banana splits with 3 toppings and 3 different ice cream flavors plus whipped cream and three cherries for just $5 each.  I couldn’t resist that offer.  The Village of Yesteryear was my favorite stop, not because of the stuff inside the building but for the…(you probably guessed it)  yes, because of the people. I met and visited with Robert Hall,a really cool artist who loved what he was doing and with Michael Calhoun a “Traditional Potter”. Chalk up another wonderful day at the State Fair.  May God Bless America and bring us the miracle of world peace.

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