Not Dancing in the Dark

Art Fettig’s Monday Morning Memo

June 22, 2009
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Not Dancing in the Dark

Slip and Fall

Never underestimate the ability of man to find a new way to do something in a little stupider manner.

Shin:  device for finding furniture in the dark. I did better than that the other night. I turned off the lights in reverse order ending up in my office and then I proceeded to head back to our bedroom.  I fell on my face and my glasses made a little cut on the bridge of my nose. I didn’t jump up to my feet as if nothing had happened. I lie there a minute or two reflecting on what I had just done.  I wasn’t real proud of myself. After all, I have worked somehow in the safety field or on the fringes since 1948 and you would think I should know how to get to bed safely by now.  Oh yeah? Never underestimate the ability of man to find a new way to do something in a little stupider manner. Why am I making this confession to you? Just to remind you that whenever you think you can predict the behavior of another fellow human being, LOOK OUT! They will fool you every time.  Whenever you introduce changes be certain to stick around and see what happens.

Say Something Good

Discount coupons. Man, we have been livin’ high on the hog lately dining out with discount coupons. We had a terrific lunch at a Mexican Restaurant and the bill was just $7 for the two of us. Then we went in for a snack at Hardy’s and had two jumbo chili dogs and two double cheeseburgers plus two senior drinks for less than even I could believe.  Without a coupon we dined at a cafeteria for lunch the other day and even with a big fat slice of delicious apple pie that we split we came out with most of our loot in our pocket. (The money we didn’t spend that is, not food.) There are some wonderful buys out there if you just watch for the coupons and shop wisely. Try eating like that abroad.  May God bless our troops and bring them home safely and soon and may God Bless America.

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Points To Ponder

You can’t solve a problem with the same level of consciousness that created the problem in the first place. Albert Einstein

A Little Humor

Since my GPS conked out I solve my getting lost by just changing my destination.

Quote of the Week

Every single life only becomes great when the individual sets upon a goal or goals which they really believe in, which they can really commit themselves to, which they can put their whole heart and soul into. Brian Tracy

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