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 I look around my office walls that are covered with memento...

I look around my office walls that are covered with memento…

Tell me this… when you hang up your boots or your power suit or whatever for the final time what do you want to be remembered by? I look around my office walls that are covered with mementos and memoriesĀ and my heart is filled with some wonderful events but there is one message I once received that sticks out in my mind. I had received an award and one old friend and acquaintance from the safety field sent his congratulations and he said that I should be happy with my accomplishments because somewhere one more worker could go home to his wife and family safely because of my work. As I look back on that now I believe and truly hope that his remark was based on fact. For sixty five years now I have worked in some way on worker safety. It is an attitude that needs renewal in some way every day. I’m getting more conscious of my own safety needs. A simple thing like walking out to my car requires vigilance because it is so easy to trip and fall when your knee replacements are hurting and you just can’t leap over tall buildings like you used to with ease. I’m sure that I will be looking out for others safety for the rest of my life because it is just a part of who I am. It is kind of rewarding to realize that you did make a difference, even if it was in a small way.

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  1. Art, as always your words are inspiring. I have worked in the safety field about 40 years add you don’t always, or perhaps never know how your words and or actions affect those around you. Recently a man introduced himself to me and told the reason he came to me was because he recognized my voice. He had in the audience of a safety presentation I had done maybe 8 or 9 years before. I said ” I either impressed you with the presentation or I was so bad you just can’t forget.” He assured me it was what I said and how I said it. He said he took the message to heart and it has changed his life! WOW! Can you imagine how I felt? Well, you can because you impress people all the time. I was blown away by his words. If we had not run into each other and if he had not spoken up I would have never known. This just proves that our words and actions are observed by others every day. We can have a positive or negative impact. It’s up to us.

    Thank you Art for inspiring so many people for so many years. I hope you continue for a long time.

    Mike Shoup

  2. Stirring thoughts, Mr. Fettig. One of the best days I’ve had in over 35 years of working in the safety profession occurred when the spouse of one of the employees to whom I provide occupational and defensive driving support approached me at our annual company picnic. She took a minute to thank me for what I do to help make sure that her husband came home safely from work each day. It was sincere and totally heartfelt. It inspires me still today. Who says workplace safety isn’t personal? It is incredibly personal, and it means a little something different to each and everyone of us.
    Thank you for your continuing work and writings!

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