Observing Myself

Looking at myself

Looking at myself

Did you ever get the feeling that you were raising the kind of kids you didn’t want your kids to play with? Well, I think that a lot of safety trainers have a similar feeling. They would be happy to see some of the people they trained quit and go to work for the competition. I’m a great one for studying my own behavior and frankly, in many ways I am really disappointed at the way I am turning out. Yesterday I was making up a few copies of a book that I co-wrote with a fellow names Myers Barnes. It is titled How To Follow Up For Greater Success In Sales.

As I made the copies I started reading some of the stuff I had written. It was fantastic. What wonderful ideas and I know for a fact, having tested them myself, that they work. Once in a while I actually do what I suggest and when I do I am always pleased with the results. But, for some reason that I cannot understand, most of the time I just do what I feel like doing at the time and nothing more. That old bromide, “Ideas without action are useless,” is so true that it makes me shudder.

What is my point? Just that instructing somebody on how to do something is not enough. They have to try it out and do it again and again and again and if they aren’t encouraged to continue doing it for their own benefit then don’t be surprised if they fall back into the old way of doing things, no matter how unsafe they might turn out to be.


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