Old Stuff

... and a couple of AV critters I could not identify.

The other day I was looking for a couple of audio tapes I made several years ago where I talked about a couple of my inspirational books. In my search I discovered two big boxes filled with old stuff. There was a copy of my Award Winning Railroad Crossing Safety film strip with an audio tape.. We made that before video taping was popular. I also found a rack of slides and tape of the same show. Then I found a couple of Beta video tapes of my safety presentations made by major corporations when I made presentations for them. There were a number of reel to reel audio tapes, several old VHS tapes and a couple of AV critters I could not identify.

And now you can take all of the books and booklets I have written, and all of my recorded audio and video presentations, all of my songs that have been recorded, everything, my life’s work and download it onto a flash drive or something much more up to date and sophisticated than that and that’s it. The other day a businessman I sat next to on a bench at a mall informed me that he had downloaded ten thousand books onto the device he was reading.

Our challenge today is not information. Our challenge is that old saw. Information without action is useless.

Let me repeat that. The first time was for you, this second is for me so I won’t overlook it. Information without action is useless.

“He was the smartest student in our graduating class but he never did anything with what he learned.” Did you ever hear that statement? It has been said about many top students, unfortunately.

And what about the organization that has the best safety library in the world and the worst safety record?

Whistles and bells are nice but I will put my money on the organization that has both vision and focus.

What element of safety are you focusing on today?

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