Oops! Road Sign with Dramatic Blue Sky.

Oops! Road Sign with Dramatic Blue Sky.

This morning I inadvertently sent off my newsletter without this lead article in it. Oh, I had written a lead article alright but I had the good sense to delete it. Don’t you wish you could just go back in your memory and delete some of the things you have said or written in your past? Things you said in anger, in spite, with the aid of stupidity on your side? I wonder how my life might have been changed if I had just carried a delete button around with me in some of my business and my personal dealings. Did you ever have a phone conversation with somebody only to learn later that you had the wrong person on the line? Delete.

Maybe you are a bit like me? Maybe you wish you had a great editor walking through life with you to cheer you on or to flat out tell you to “Shut up!” when it is called for. But no, we don’t have editors, most of us, and we stumble along through life just doing the best we can. Someone at IBM once captured some of the best advice ever offered and they did it with just one word. Here it is, are you ready? THINK

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