Our Inner Light

Our Inner Light

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…take a moment and rekindle each others flames.

“Sometimes our light goes out but is blown again into flame by an encounter with another human being. Each of us owes the deepest thanks to those who have rekindled this inner light.” Albert Schweitzer
As I read this quote this morning it reminded me of a number of times in my lifetime when I felt that my inner light had gone out and I seriously wondered if it would ever become a blazing again.  I just sort of went to the well and found it dry.  After three or four setbacks coming on top of one another I thought that maybe the things I was endeavoring to do just weren’t right for me and I should just give up. Oh, I wasn’t a quitter and I plodded on and then a letter would arrive, or an E-mail or maybe it was a phone call from someone who’s life I had somehow touched along the way and it was like a giant shot of adrenaline and in no time I found myself back on my feet eager to start all over again. Now, since I figured our what rekindles my flame I guess it should work for others and so it seems to be a good time for us to take a moment and rekindle each others flames.  We need a lot of inner lights burning bright to do the job needed to light up America.
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Art Fettig - Ruritan Club

…and then some real country talking and you have a great down home treat.

Fundraising, North Carolina Style.  Last night my wife Jean and I attended Las Vegas Night at our local Senior Center. We dined high on the hog with wonderful Bar B Q with that great sauce, fabulous fried chicken, green beans, warm down south hush puppies and some other fixins plus banana cream pie. Then we gambled the night away until darn near nine o’clock when we gathered up our winnings from the poker, black jack, roulette and various and sundry other games of chance and went into the auction where people were bidding a hundred thousand dollars just to have their house cleaned.  For all of our combined winnings of sixty-two thousand dollars, Jean managed to win the bid on a picnic basket complete with cups inside.  It was a fun evening for a good cause and darned if we didn’t get up this morning and drive the few miles over to Efland to the Ruritan Club for a Valentine Breakfast which included mouth watering country ham, lots of grits with red eye gravy, scrambled eggs, a biscuit which I smothered with wonderful sausage gravy, sometimes known to some of us as SOS  Add orange juice, sweet tea and lots of hot coffee and then some real country talking and you have a great down home treat. May God bless America and keep our troops from harm. – Art Fettig

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