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March 30, 2009
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I have never played basketball…

I was watching the Sweet Eight games this weekend and occasionally when a player scored a field goal they would play back the others outstanding plays that player had made in the game. Swish! Swish! Swish! and the thought came to me, “Enjoy it to its fullest because, young man, that may be as good as life ever gets for you.” I have never played basketball, never made field goal but I thought about the rare times in my life when I really knocked the ball out of the park or scored the winning run. These precious moments came to me in my speaking career.  That time at the International Toastmasters Conference in Toronto in 1978 where I had the honor, as a professional speaker to be one of the two keynoters. The Executive Director told me later that I set a new standard for keynotes that day.  And those heart warming three days at the National Safety Congress in Chicago in 1979 when I had attendance setting records at the early morning sessions and scored with three different presentations.  Another was at the Grand Hotel on Mackinaw Island where I was hired to substitute for then President Gerald Ford for the Michigan Petroleum Association and my parents were in the audience.  We all score our field goals in our own way in our lifetime. Maybe that moment came for you as a mother or a father when you really stepped up the plate and truly measured up or perhaps you had the challenge and the opportunity to step up and prevent a disaster.

I guess our challenge is to give whatever we are doing our best all out effort every day of our lives.  That is really living.

Say Something Good
Associations. Never underestimate the potential for growth available from attending a state or national association meeting.  One catch through.  You must not just attend. You must find a way to participate. Here in America we have many thousands of different associations all with their own missions. In today’s challenging times both the government and our corporations are taking a long hard look at meetings and their justification.  May I encourage you to fight hard to attend such meetings but go there to work and to participate and set yourself a goal to bring home with you the spirit and knowledge to make this world a better place because of what you have learned.  May God Bless America, give comfort to our people’s suffering and keep our troops from harm.

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Points To Ponder
As you consider ways to deal more effectively with other human beings, remember that the center for communications is not in the head, it’s in the ‘gut.’ Moshe Davidowitz

A Little Humor
One safety speaker I know explained to me, “Art, I have discontinued giving long speeches because of my throat.  Several members of the audience have threatened to cut it.”

Quote of the Week
We may affirm absolutely that nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion. – Georg Hegel

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