Recovering is Half the Fun

... and went trick or treating downtown.

… and went trick or treating downtown.

On the Friday before Halloween we had big doings here in our little town of Hillsborough, NC.  All of the stores were open late and the kids dressed up in the costumes and went trick or treating downtown. I helped out just a bit at our church where we had an organ concert of scary music.  After a bit of organ music I started walking and I visited with the Mayor and with others and at one of the art museums they had a great jazz duo and I  sat down to listen to some fine music. I met some new people and had a grand time. It was dark by now and the street lights were on and there was plenty of light from the restaurants. I was just about back to the church, in front of the town offices and somehow I tripped.  I lunged forward running in an effort to regain my balance and keep from falling.  I must have taken ten long steps and they I stopped and I had my balance back and things were fine.  In fact,by then I was really glad that I had tripped because recovering gave such a great feeling of accomplishment.  I have two knee replacements and I claim that now I am just about two beats slower at recovering with my knees than I was before I had this trouble. Actually, by now it might be three or four beats slower.  Nevertheless, the good news is that instead of falling flat on my face I gave the situation my very best and I came out just fine.

Perhaps you trip every now and then at work or in your private life but you most likely learned from that experience that it really wasn’t the end of the world.

I’m really serious about the fact that after this was over I was glad I tripped because it showed me that I am not the senile, helpless old coot that might be at eighty one.  I still have a fighting spirit and the willingness to go a few steps out of my way to find a recovery.

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