When is the last time that you rehearsed something important that you planned to say? Or maybe you are so talented that you can just wing your way through life. I’ve been rehearsing pages of lines that I will be saying in a theatre production late next month and I’m learning just what hard work really is. The only real job of memorizing in my early youth was one Thanksgiving when I learned this. “Five fat turkeys are we, we slept all night in a tree. When the cook came around, we couldn’t be found. And that’s why we’re here, you see.” I learned that in kindergarten and I used to recite that for any occasion. Thanksgiving. Christmas. A New Year’s party. I accepted all requests. In high school I learned “Four score and seven years ago, our father’s….” and some sixty years later when I visited Gettysburg I stood on the spot where President Lincoln stood and recalled those words and spoke them.

I rehearsed for a week after finishing The Christopher Leadership Course before I asked my boss for a raise and got it. Then I wrestled with those awesome words, “Will you marry me?” only to have to go through that all again nearly sixty years later. I am just sharing this with you so that in case you see me walking down the streets talking to myself and saying things like, “Barney, this is a solo microphone and it is so powerful it will magnify your voice a thousand times,” then you will know what is going on. I’m rehearsing.

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