giWhen I watched the Memorial Day parade at Battle Creek, Michigan in the early sixties the VFW had a float that showed a grave marker and there was a rifle with its bayonet stuck in the ground with an army helmet on top of the rifle butt. And every time I watched that float go by tears ran down my cheeks as I remembered the dead. Seems like every Memorial Day I get that same picture in my mind. Now as I look at the statistics of the American dead from Korea and Vietnam and the wars on terror and I match that up with the result of those wars I get sick to my stomach. Just think of the insanity in the fact that America is still in the state of war in Afghanistan. Lately America seems to be drawing lines in too many troubled places almost as if it is shopping for the right location to start another war. Will we never learn from our mistakes?

While our country spends 40 cents of every income tax dollar we pay on the military and war, it spends only 2 cents per dollar on diplomacy, development and war prevention. Does that sound right to you? Let us learn to remember our dead and the total uselessness of war as we move forward as a nation. I’ve been there and done that and I can tell you first hand that war is folly. May God bless America and bring us world peace.

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