See It In Your Mind’s Eye

Golf, HoleRecently when Korean golfer Y. E. Yang absolutely whomped the one and only Tiger Woods at the PGA Championship at Hazeltine  he said, “I tried to visualize … how to win if I ever played against Tiger.”

Yang is a 37-year-old South Korean native with three kids.  He has been a professional golfer since 1996, winning seven times on the European, Asian, Japanese, Korean and now PGA Tour. His non-major breakthrough came at the 2006 HSBC, when Yang beat out a field that included Tiger, who tied for second, two strokes behind Yang.  Earlier this season, Yang became a PGA Tour champion, with his win at the Honda Classic. Four rounds of par or better was good for a one-stroke victory over John Rollins.

Ah So…So we have a fellow who has actually beaten Tiger Woods twice and obviously, Tiger didn’t learn a think the first time because he is reported to have been playing this tournament as if there was no competition out there for him.

I’ve been a fan of Tiger Woods for a long long time, still I love to cheer for the underdog too and when an underdog comes up and wins and talks about visualization then he is MY MAN! I have been using visualization for most of my professional career. So often, before a big speech I would lie in bed the night before running through the entire next day’s session, including positive audience response and then when I actually got up to do my thing I had the feeling that I had already done it successfully right at the start. “See it in your mind’s eye.” That was my motto.  So often I performed way beyond my ability. Try it. You’ll see.


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