Shifting Loyalties

Herb True

Herb True

Watching the Duke Devils play Notre Dame in basketball recently gave me some mixed emotions. When I moved here to North Carolina I decided to root for UNC (Carolina) and I don’t want anybody to mess with them but when Duke is playing any other team I’ll generally root for Coach K. I believe in Coach K, and his players graduate with an education too. But then recently I watched Duke play Notre Dame and I found my loyalties bouncing back and forth across that floor just as fast as the ball did. I wanted both teams to win and the lead changed throughout the game.

My loyalty to Notre Dame dates back to the eighties when Herb True, PhD would invite me into his classroom to make a presentation for his students at Notre Dame. I’m not sure what title they put on his class but it involved psychology, public speaking, interviewing for a great job and how to become successful. About once a month, Herb would call in one of his speaker friends and that class was always filled and always successful. Sometimes he would bring in some of the Saint Marys students also.

Herb became my Mentor, my supporter, my friend and in time we both had a major impact on one another’s lives. Evidently my presentation and Herb’s class made a good mix because I was invited back again and again and again.

It was a great game to watch last week and my team won and the final score was 95-91. I can’t remember which team won but I know that at the end of the game I had a warm feeling inside.

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