Simple Pleasures

I simply pushed the reverse button on my control...

The other day I was looking at all of the new electronic devices being featured at Staples. I’m sort of a Stone Age Man when it comes to electronics and do-dads. I started looking at my computer and at our TV and it suddenly hit me that we do have one new innovation we picked up somehow a few years ago from some high pressure salesman at the State Fair.  We signed up for a service that Direct TV offered.  I was simply an instant playback feature.  If I was listening to a news story, for instance, and I missed something and felt confused or I wanted to call my wife into the room and let her hear it, I simply pushed the reverse button on my control and the item was replayed.  I can do it with live TV or with something I have recorded.  I feel so good when I don’t have to just let it go while feeling frustrated.  I don’t know who came up with that but, for me, whom ever came up with that little feature brought more to me that all of the Appleberries  or whatever they call them, in the world. Like I said, I’m a Stone Age Man and I guess that is just the way it is.

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