So Blessed

hillEquidistant from the ocean and the mountains, here in Hillsborough, North Carolina I truly feel blessed. No snow to speak of and almost every form of music you could think of is available. The other afternoon I was driving up this long, long hill on Orange Grove Road to our home  I climbed higher and higher and then on up my driveway I tried to get a true prospective as to altitude and, by golly, I am living near the top of a sort of mountain. It has taken me just fifteen years to make that observation. What is that expression, “He couldn’t see the forest for the trees.” Well, I guess you might say I overlooked the fact that I was on this mountain because of the trees. At the end of our little road you can observe a glorious sunset and driving towards town there is this awesome view where you can see downhill for miles and miles. I guess that is why our town is called Hillsborough. Maybe with a bit of a stretch they might have called it Mountain View. Whatever. I do love it so.

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