So many Funerals

considerThree funerals in just two weeks. It certainly reminds me of the fact that all of us are here just for a while and our daily challenge is to make the very best of it.  I have heard some wonderful eulogies in the past year but none was ever as moving asthose for my musical friend Greg Brayton. There was a sign on a store as we pulled into Coldwater, Michigan that read, “Closed for Greg Brayton’s funeral.”  The church was overflowing with those whose lives Greg had touched in some special way. Three ministers told of how Greg had been so special for them in their ministry, and for the whole congregation. Then they brought microphones down the aisles and many people from all places and walks of life gave moving reports on the special ways Greg had touched them.  I found myself joining in and sharing a memory of my own. There was the music… such wonderful music from a swelling choir from Greg’s high school days when Greg sang in this school chorus and traveled to Europe to perform with them. The final song, “Gratitude”,  written by Greg and accompanied by piano and two flutes was precious.  I could picture Greg back in his studio surrounded by his string instruments, his guitars, and a banjo and his console with so many wonderful synthesizers and I could hear him making those wonderful sounds of the flutes and the piano and the huge chorus and I knew that we would all take the words of Greg’s song home with us.  Gratitude.  We were all overcome with Gratitude that Greg Brayton had come into our lives.  The service ended with the Minister saying that if Greg could have witnessed this Celebration of Life he would have said “COOL”,  followed by the choir quietly singing Greg’s arrangement of “Be Still” as the recessional.

2 thoughts on “So many Funerals

  1. All this funeral talk is a reminder to say things to people while they can still hear them. 🙂 Mr. Fettis, I look forward to reading your Monday blog every week.
    I thoroughly enjoy your writing! I had the pleasure of meeting you and listening to a safety talk about 20 years ago and I like the person you are and your good attitude.
    I am a fan of oldie music and don’t remember in your safety talk if you used a phrase from a Dave Clark Five son, but every single time I hear the song “You Got What It Takes, I think of you. How’s that for name recognition?! haha I hope this link copies for you.

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