Some Clients A-Z

businessPlease don’t ask me “Who have you worked for?” Over the years I have been blessed with some major clients. Allthough I no longer retain client lists or such just for fun I tried to list some alphabetically. Oh the wonderful memories that jumped out of this simple listing.  AT&T, BP, Chrysler, Du Pont, Enron, Florida Power & Light, General Motors, Halliburton (Tabasco,Mex.), Intel, Junior Achievement, Kellogg’s, Lansing Sales & Marketing Execs., Maritime Telegraph & Telephone(Nova Scotia), Newfoundland Safety Council, Optimists, PBS, Quebec (Abatibi-Price), Ralston, Shell, Toyota, United States Air Force, Army, Marine Corps and Navy, V.A.,Wright Tree Services, eXXon, YWCA, Zeeland High School Commencement. I have presented in all 50 United States and most Canadian Provinces and as far as I am concerned, the fat lady ain’t sung yet. One prospect looked at my resume and said, “Art, you just can’t keep a job, can you? Keeping a job wasn’t my goal. Finding a new challenge was,  and every place and every audience was a new and exciting challenge.

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