Something You Said

Norman Cousins once wrote, “If something comes to life in others because of you, then you have made an approach to immortality.” I just ran into that quote in a fantastic book by Super Psychologist E. Scott Geller and Bob Veazoe titled “When No one’s Watching.” The quote zapped me across the head. I was dazzled and dazed. “Yes! Yes!” I wanted to cry out. That is it! That has been my mission for over four decades…touching people’s lives and helping them bring out that greatness that is already inside them. That was the purpose of all those speeches, all those newsletters, all of those books and booklets and poems and songs and articles and private discussions. That was the “why” in my whole career. That’s also why, at 82, my work is not yet completed. I’m still taking bookings, still writing newsletters and still turning out new books.

Am I some kind of nut desperately seeking immortality? Of course not. I just feel that the world is full of dead lives, unused talents that simply need a spark and maybe a word of encouragement. That is my job. I hope it never ends until I do.

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