Sound Bites by Art Fettig

Mark Twain once said, “It ain’t what we know that gets us in trouble, its what we know that just ain’t so.” I can’t figure how I survived in my career as a professional speaker for so long not knowing all that I do.  It just seems that the more that I learn, the less I really know.  If I keep this up for much longer I will probably get to the point where I know absolutely nothing.  Perhaps then I will be able to land one of those new CZAR jobs they are creating in Washington, D.C.  All you need to know about any subject is to be able to discuss a subject in the form of sound bits for the cameras.  Just look wise and utter quotable sound bites..  There must be a new specialization  in the works at one of our finer Universities on that subject, Sound Bites 101. The Art of saying nothing, quickly,  with great authority.


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