I Still Believe In Miracles

Sunrise - Art Fettig "I believe in miracles"From my Monday Morning Memo…

Some days when the whole wide world seems to be falling apart all around me it is difficult, but I still believe in miracles.  When it is darkest I believe that tomorrow the sun will shine, somewhere. Perhaps not at dawn through my back bedroom window but soon. I believe the birds will sing and the squirrels will run their chase on past my front window.  I am expecting something wonderful to happen in this world. I expect the phone to ring soon with good news.   Didn’t I receive an e-mail requesting a poem for next weeks’ newspaper today? Wasn’t The CN Railroad’s Santa Train running this past weekend?…that idea I came up with some forty three years ago that came alive and still comes alive each Christmas and thrills thousands of people,  and now,instead of just one railroad it now runs on three. Didn’t I move thousands of leaves last week and survive? We must believe things will get better, that peace will come and that tomorrow will be an even better day. Believing.  That is what makes better things possible. Believing and working together to make those miracles happen.


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