Storms and Sentiments


Previous hurricanes.

Sitting here in our peaceful home located in Hillsborough, North Carolina half way between the Blue Ridge mountains and the Atlantic Ocean watching weather reports recently as I have gone through varying degrees of interest.  Although I possess some love and concern for all Americans I am especially concerned with the safety and good health of my family.  Especially me.

When Hurricane Irma was classified as a Cat 5 headed for Miami and predicted to hit Georgia and South Carolina and North Caroline my ears pricked up.  I turned to the 24 hour weather news and followed Irma’s progress.  Hour by hour I checked in for the latest news.  It was late when I finally went to sleep Thursday night and on Friday when I awoke around 10:30 a.m. my wife, Jean said, “The predictions have changed. Irma is expected to march through Florida, Georgia, Tennessee and on to an extended path toward Missouri as she weakens.  If she does we will just get a lot of rain, maybe. But remember, Irma has the right to change her mind.”

My interest waned. I thought of that quote that goes something like, “It all depends on whose ox is being gored.” I turned and thought, “It all depends on whose state is being battered.” and then on to “Whose home is being flooded or blown away.”  To, “What’s the matter with you Art, can’t you feel pain and concern and compassion for all of God’s creatures?”  So I shut off my computer and went upstairs to ride my stationary bicycle and pray for all humankind.

3 thoughts on “Storms and Sentiments

  1. Randy, it is so good to hear a good report from Houston. Whenever I am spared from a hardship or a disaster I take it as a sign that I better figure out way to earn my keep here on planet earth.

  2. Hi Art,
    Glad to see you are still out there and getting things done.
    At least some good walks anyway.
    As far as the storms, I’m in Houston now. Well for about 3 years now, lived in three different places, finally decided it was going to be a permanent move so bought a house, in about as country as you can get for Houston area.
    So fortunate that the water just rain across the property and never backed up. Couple of family members were not so lucky. One was in an apartment, on stilts about 20 feet up but still covered her whole place to the ceiling. The other was Dad he has a mobile home and it only got about 4 inches inside so spent most of last weekend tearing out the flooring. Was surprised the wood underneath was still in good shape, they must be building trailers better than when I had one 30 years ago.
    Love your quote, keep on keep’n on.

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