Surviving 2018

New YearI ran into a lady at Walmart’s I hadn’t seen for a while and she said to me, “What do you think, Art, do you think we will survive 2018?”  Now is that a nice thing to say to a guy who is 88 years old?  She wasn’t much over fifty I’d guess, and so I knew she was leading somewhere else.  Turns out she had been listening to the wrong TV stations and reading about nuclear wars and terrorists in the U.S. and fires in California and horrible weather predictions and reading Trump Tweets. I guess any of the above might get a person to ask that question.  Will we survive 2018?  Well, I for one am counting on it.  In fact, I’m looking forward to it. In fact, I just bought some green bananas the other day.  I hope you counting on it too.

I was born in 1929 in July and just two months later the stock market crashed, banks failed all over this country and and I have felt obliged to cheer people up ever since then. Just to get the record straight, I did not cause the stock market crash.

I can’t remember the last time that people in this country needed cheering up so badly.  Have you noticed how nasty people have become in this country?  Talk about bad mouthing, I have never heard so much bad mouthing, criticizing, gloom and doom B.S. in all my life.  On those alleged “news” stations they no longer have a commentator or a news person with a guest. They’ve got a rabid posse.  Or a seething jury. Or a pissin’ contest. They do.

I’m thinking about installing a huge screen in front of my TV Set.  I will have to get out of my trusty Lazy Boy recliner and stand there peeking around that blank screen to see my TV.  Sort of a test to see if my laziness or my stupidity is the strongest.  I just might cancel all of my disgusting 24 hour news channels.

Do any of you think we will survive 2018?

One thought on “Surviving 2018

  1. Our TV actually isn’t working right now, but when I do have a TV, I am very careful about watching too much news. I saw what it did to my mother-in-law, who watched NY City local news. Talk about a downer many times. Don’t watch! Paint. Pray. Write. Chat. Read. Sing. Walk. Garden. Cook. Donate.Clean. Or just about anything else.

    Happy Monday, Art.

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