Talking Things Over

Sometimes when I am explaining something to a friend my thinking goes beyond its current state and moves on ahead.  In other words, I improve on my own idea just by orally sharing it with someone else. Of course, there is always the possibility that the other party might add something and take you even further down the road to discovery. Maybe this is just another extension to the “Give to Get” concept.  Charlie Jones taught this to me and it seems to work nearly every time I try it.  Charlie said “You’ve got to give to get.  Give to get. Give to get.  But do not just give to get.  When you do that you are just trading, not giving.  So you must learn to give to get just for the joy of giving.  Then, most of the time you get.”  I have tried writing about this concept and trying to explain it but I seriously doubt that anyone ever really caught on to what I was talking about.  If they did they would run out and try it right away and not just once but again and again. It just isn’t easy to learn how to give things away just for the pure joy of giving them away.  Somehow, I believe, we just naturally believe that getting is a darn sight better than giving.  Do me a favor.  No better yet, do yourself a real favor and try it.  Give away an idea if nothing else.  See if your own idea doesn’t improve just in the sharing and then let me know how it works out.  Gee it would be great to share an idea like this one and lead to you the reader’s breakthrough in some area.

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