That’s Terrible

fudgeIn a News story about shoppers stocking up on food for our impending great snow storm here in North Carolina  a reporter and photographer caught a shot of one woman standing in the produce department at her wits end. “Imagine,” she said. “they have run out of organic carrots.” In another part of the city a single mother was worrying about how she might get to the Food Pantry in the morning so she could feed her children.

I recall a morning in Korea back in 1951 when our food supply was cut off for a couple of days and we had no food and no water and how it felt to have an empty belly and an empty canteen when mortars were exploding all around us. I guess we all have a different definition of hardship and that definition changes throughout our lifetimes.

We  were snowed in Sunday and our tiny road has a steep hill we go down and then back up again and when it gets icy you just can’t drive up it without four wheel drive. Our next door neighbor left her car at the top of the hill and walked home and the next morning she called to say she was going shopping…could she bring us anything?  I confessed to Jean what I would like, Sure enough, an hour later our kind neighbor knocked on our front door delivering the Fudge Royal ice cream I had requested. I wonder if that lady in the other part of the city got to the Food Pantry OK and found it stocked with food to feed her children and if that disturbed lady found some organic carrots…

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