The Almost Learning Process

...right now my brain is still awaiting penetration.

...right now my brain is still awaiting penetration.

I’ve never been a fast learner but lately I have the feeling that my capacity to learn some things has come to a screeching halt. It has. I am making a valiant effort to learn to talk Southern and for this old Yankee it sometimes seems too much. I feel like Elizabeth Dolittle in My Fair Lady. walking around the room saying “The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain.” Again and again and again. Aye do! And just learning Southern isn’t enough because Andy Griffith had his own unique brand of Southern. Still, it is kind of exciting making a determined effort to accomplish a new challenge.Each morning as I approach yet another practice session I find that my mind is blank and it is like I am starting all over again.  I’m certain that many  of you who have worked in training have trained people with heads so thick that you felt you would never penetrate their thinking system, and yet, when you persist you might soon find them at the head of the class.Well, right now my brain is still awaiting penetration.

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  1. Hello Art , from Australia,

    I can relate to you when trying to train people when i was a bakery manager I needed to train my staff the correct way so that when i left for the day i knew the bakery was in good hands , the required work would be completed and everyone was safe when they would leave for home.

    Right now as my new job as a prison officer here at the womens prison there is a particular unit that no other prisoners want to move to because of the reputation it has had in the past and it has been quite a challenge to help them see that the women that are in there most of the time need to set the standards and rules not by stand over but in attitude , and talking to officers and other prisoners in lower tones , and when they need to see a senior officer to set up a time instead of baling them up when they visit the unit.

    The other they all had a meeting because of some issues but no one got a word in because they all tried to say their bit, upon driving home as i have an hour to think I thought about Stephen Covey and the talk he did on his cd the 8th habit especially the part about the Indian Talking Stick the next time i am I will get a broom or something to use and see if we can come up with a solution to make it a great unit to live in, as I have said to the women in there somehow you have to make the best of the situation.

    Anyway always have a great day .Carpe Diem from Darryl in OZ

    I posted Micheal Jacksons Heal The World video on my Face book as the words to that song may Heal someone this Christmas

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