The Binge

Art Fettig

I’ve been on a binge for over a month now and it just beginning to show some positive results. I’ve been working on a booklet tentatively titled “Stuff I Wrote”. One by one I have sorted all of the books or booklets I have written in the past fifty five years or so.One or two booklets are as few as six pages.And a few of the books are over 300 pages. Before I began to take this gathering seriously, if you had asked me how many there were I would have guessed a hundred all together.  Well, right now the count is up to 119 and there are one or two yet I haven’t found.

I scanned the covers of most of these and wrote short summaries on each book’s contents. I’m showing them in chronological order. I’ll also make a list of all the books and booklets showing them in categories such as Speaking, Safety, Sales, Children’s,

Memoirs, Creativity, Photography and such.

So what does all of this have to do with a Binge?  Well, as I keep pulling masses of books off my shelves and out of nooks and crannies and from places I didn’t even realize there were books, well I got this tremendous urge to get rid of some of this stuff. All of this entails hours of moving stuff around, carrying boxes filled up with other authors downstairs.

Last week I took a big load of books to the shelter at the dump and they were gobbled up by visitors in the half hour I was there. I met a famous mural artist there who helped me move some boxes.  What interesting people one can meet at our local dump.

I figure a couple more weeks and I should have this mess under control. Then I will move on to sorting boxes full of VHS videos and Cassettes of speeches we’ve taped along the way. So many of them haven’t been transferred to DVD’s or CD’s and there are about a dozen of each of these I’d like to preserve.  If any of you have found a good place to have these transfers made please contact me at or you can phone me at 919 732 6994.  Many thanks.

One thought on “The Binge

  1. Hi Dad, It’s Nancy. This newsletter inspired me! I was thinking, if it would be a ‘HELP’ to you, to take it off your hands, and ONLY IF IT WOULD BE A HELP TO YOU, I’d LOVE to relieve you of that old picture you have of “The Doctor” that used to hang in our upstairs hallway on East Avenue, by your closet. I’m Just Sayin’!!!
    Hope I made you Smile!
    Love, Nancy

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