The Dream

dreamHow many times in your lifetime have you asked yourself, “Am I doing the right thing?”  If you were asking about the career path you have followed then I hope your answer might be “Absolutely YES!”

Some folks are lucky enough to fall into the right job the first time out the chute. Many never find it I would guess. I was just over forty before I finally discovered what my talents were and how I might use them. On February 11th, 1973 I attended the Annual Meeting of the World Meeting Planners Association. Herb True invited me to attend as his writer. As I watched Herb perform that afternoon I vowed that I would become a professional speaker and speak at their meeting in Texas the following year at their Chitaqua Showcase for New Speakers. I could just visualize myself performing. I set that goal and worked daily in some way preparing, and yes, a year later I was there in Texas and they voted me the Top speaker. I booked more speeches that day than I ever dreamed possible. First came the dream.

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