The Greatest Living American

Art Fettig as Almost Andy

Art Fettig as Almost Andy

Just a few years ago I was involved in a film school production on comedy. A wonderful guy Mickey Schroeder and I were headed out to lunch and I had been telling Mickey how many people mistook me for Andy Griffith. He didn’t seem to be convinced and as we walked out on the sidewalk in front of the school a thirtyish couple approached us and the man took hold of my hand and started gushing about how thrilled he was to shake hands with Andy Griffith. I interrupted him and explained that I was not Andy Griffith but he was having no part of that. He kept on telling me that I (Andy) was probably the greatest living American and how thrilled he was to meet me. Again I said I wasn’t Andy but that just prompted the lady with him to tell me how she loved my TV Shows and such. I just shrugged to Mickey, we thanked them and took off.

The other day I was working on a speech segment and I was convinced that Andy Griffith was not our greatest American at that time, but then I asked myself who is our greatest living American today? I have just begun asking people that question. If you have a minute would you please visit our blog and tell us who you think is our greatest living American at the present time? It might be a president, a sports figure, a politician, a scientist, a movie star… that is up to you. All I want is your personal opinion. Maybe it’s my age and the fact that so many of my heroes have passed on but offhand, I can’t think of a whole lot of people I would put into that category. Do me a favor, will you? Give me some feedback on this.

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  1. Not far off from your adoring fans declaring Andy Griffith as an American hero, I am going with Ron Howard. Seems to be a rare child actor success story. I’d like to think it had something to do with the cast he worked with in his early years and the on screen (Andy Griffith) lessons that gave him a running start.

  2. Good day Art;

    I think you are more than “Almost Andy” You have the same kind generous personality that I recall.

    I have given some good thought to the Greatest Living American. My mind keeps going to Bill Graham as well. Although his health is failing he continues to impact the lives of so many. We need tis type of person more now than ever. Someone who can teach what living like Jesus is about.

    Stay well and thank you for all you do

    Bill Barry

  3. So many of you called me with heartfelt recommendations. Great to know you are reading this stuff we send out. I met a hero todahy in Cosco named Jeff. He was in the TV Department and was the most knowledgeable and patient soul I have found in years. We spent a lot of money with Jeff but he made us feel good about every dollar we spent. Great salespeople are hard to find but I really feel good when I find one. So many Great Amerians around. Thank you for helping me find a few more. Art

  4. Too many names, and most names unknown to the world. They are the everyday people, the armed forces members both past and present who have and still are defending our country and the families left behind. The faceless nameless Good Samaritans who surround us every day, everywhere doing works to benefit others without notoriety. Should you need a well-known Greatest Living American I concur Billy Graham is up there.
    Thanks for your Monday newsletter; it brings a smile to my face like the heroes who surround me in my hometown.

  5. Hi Art, we are looking for an Andy Griffith impersonator for an upcoming event. Would you please reach out to me when you have a moment?

  6. Art, I would say our greatest living American is Billy Graham. He has reached millions with the great news of Jesus. And while dong this he has remained true to his beliefs – no scandals, morally or financially. He preaches love and foregiveness and lives it out too. I enjoy your Monday morning memos Art. Take Care and have a great 2014! I am retiring this year and will be spening more time in my home state of Florida. Bill Hetzler

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