The Greatest Untapped Resource In This World

Yes, there is greatness in you.

For more years than I can remember I have closed my speeches with this remark.  “The greatest untapped resource in this world is the human potential and the message I bring you is so simple you could write it on your finger.  In fact, I hope you do and you tell it to everyone you meet.  Here it is, There is greatness in you. Yes, there is greatness in you.'”

Many in my audiences have confessed to me privately that they had never been told this before…That they had understood greatness was something reserved for just a chosen few.  How tragic for how can anyone reach the level of greatness if they do not first believe that it just might be achievable?

I truly believe that every one of us has some special gift and if we can discover that gift and worked to polish that give that we too can achieve greatness. Showing his great sense of humor my 12th grade English Teacher once told me, “Art, I believe the Good Lord put you here on this earth to serve as a bad example.” And I responded, “Yes, Father, but you must admit I am doing a great job of it.”

I truly believe that my expertise at being a class clown and a trouble maker groomed me for much finer things.

One thought on “The Greatest Untapped Resource In This World

  1. hello Art,
    Darryl from australia , the self esteem poem that I wrote on a card twenty years ago , the last ten words i put at the end was – there is greatness in you , there is greatness in you. twenty years on the poem with these words are carried with me everyday. thanks for the booklet you send me .
    Love your day everyday.

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