The Normandy Landings

koreaCodenamed Operation Neptune, were the landing operations on 6 June 1944 (termed D-Day) of the Allied invasion of Normandy in Operation Overlord during World War II. The largest seaborne invasion in history, the operation began the invasion of German-occupied western Europe, led to the restoration of the French Republic, and contributed to an Allied victory in the war. On D-Day those American troops carried with them the hopes and prayers and total support of all America. American casualities for D-Day included 2,500 deaths and 6,000 wounded.

Did the above invasion sound exciting to you? Would you like to be among those men charging the beaches that day?

When I tell people that I was involved in an “almost”invasion of North Korea in 1952 they generally say, “I didn’t know there was an “almost” invasion of North Korea in 1952.  Many say, “What’s Korea?”

In 1944 at Normandy they were heroes. They were “The last great generation.”  Perhaps we were the first degenerate generation.  In 1952 we were bums. “It wasn’t really a war,” they said. “it was a Police Action.” There were no cameras on the beaches and when we discovered that there were no cameras we just said “Ta hell with it.”  We packed up and went back to South Korea.  So those in charge named  it “Operation Feint” and that’s why we’re here today, alive. Check it out  .It was the smallest seaborne invasion in history and since then we have been involved in far too many half vast, half committed wars and “police actions”. Remember, you read it here first, May God bless our troops forever.

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