Power of Music

The War years available from Amazon.com

The War years available from Amazon.com

At a Yard Sale recently I purchased a CD Set titled “The War Years, Your Hit Parade.” I’d been playing it for about a week in my office when I received a phone call from my sister Barb. She is a year and a half older than I and we exchanged chatter for a couple of minutes and then I tried an experiment. I told her about my CD’s and as a test of her memory I would give her the first few words of a song title and asked her to finish it. For instance, I said, “I’ve heard that…” and without hesitation she said, “song before.” I said, “That old black,” and she said, “Black Magic.”  I said, “When the lights go,” And she said, “On again all over the world.”  She got eighteen out of twenty-four instantly.”  When I asked her favorite song she said, “Somewhere Over The Rainbow.”

And when I asked, “Who sang it,” She paused and then said “Judy Garland.”  I went straight to YouTube.com and pulled it up and asked, “Did it go like this?” and I played the song sang by Judy Garland and she loved it.  In fact, she sang joyously along with it and I cannot recall hearing her sing anything in the past fifty years. Oh maybe, “Happy Birthday to you” but the crowd drowned her out. She has a sweet voice.  The next day I mailed her copies of everything, 146 songs.  What a wonderful experience of sharing.  We both ended that phone call feeling elated with the joy of remembering.

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