The Spirit

I just finished reading a book titled A Will Rogers Treasury.  In one chapter Will Rogers was talking about the thrill he felt when one Congressman in Washington read his article and it appeared in The Congressional Record.  I recall feeling that same thrill when Congressman Gary Brown of Michigan read my poem The Spirit and having it appear in the Congressional Record In July of 1976 . Here is that verse that I am talking about.  It just seems fitting that I bring this up once more so close to July 4th. – I’d love to read your comments.  Please post on my BLOG.

The Spirit, © Art Fettig 1976

Of 1776, what was the spirit?
Revolution?  Freedom?  Independence?
No, I think the prevailing spirit
Was selling
Selling one another.  Selling like selling
Had never been done before.  Or since.
Salespeople saying, “But as for me
Give me liberty or death.”
Saying, “I only regret that I have but one life
To give for my country.”
Saying, “Let us all hang together
Or assuredly we will hang alone.”

And signing, “We mutually pledge to each other
Our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.”

Selling the world an exciting concept;
That men and women could rule their own destiny.

And what is wrong with America today
Will be made right again with selling.

Selling that dedication and devotion, and that mutual concern
That made it all begin.

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