The State of Oration

I have just spent three days watching the Democratic Convention.  I’m an Independent and, as I have a few times in the past, I am trying to make a wise choice for this coming election and that included listening to the candidates speeches.  Don’t run away, I promise not to endorse a soul.  I want to make a statement on the State of Oration in America today.  I feel it has come light years in the four years since the last presidential election.  With prompt monitors directly in front of you and to the right and to the left you can now look the camera right in the eye and read the script.  Also, today a politician had a small army of helpers, some of the best speech writers in this nation at his or her fingertips.  A major speech is today, more than ever, a team effort.  Not that it wasn’t so for decades. President Ford had a successful and famous gag writer at the head of his writing staff.  I do not think this fellow was responsible for Ford’s pratfalls or golf shots though. Ford figured those out himself.

I enjoyed most of the speeches and I felt the quality of what was said and how it was said was high throughout.  How much of what was said would stand up in the cold clear light of the morning sunshine remains to be seen.

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