The Upstairs Room

Photo by Drew Coffman

In our home located just a couple of stone throws outside the quaint and growing town of Hillsborough, NC I have an upstairs room. Until just recently I seldom went upstairs and that was just to get something I have hiding up there or else to play my set of drums. I seldom play more than a couple of songs and I play so poorly I cannot stand listening to myself for long periods of time.

Since I began my new fitness program in October I go up there most days and ride my stationary bicycle for sixteen minutes a day.  I have an ancient but good sounding CD player which also plays 33 RPM records and cassette tapes. As I exercise I listen to my old CD’s and it has been a wonderful experience. As I ride my bicycle I look around the room and I have been taking time to look at the hundreds of books I have up there. All of the walls are covered with bookcases jammed full of books and other items.  I also have a huge collection of educational cassette tape albums, many featuring friends I have made through the National Speakers Association in the past. Occasionally I listen to an old motivational  tape and my mind seems to be getting a little sharper with this review of what I once knew.

I am accumulating quite a number of books and tapes which I will soon take to the dump or to a Charity resale store.

Every day I manage to procure just a tiny new space in which to move up there. I have some spaces I’ve made on the book shelves.  I am losing that claustrophobic

feeling I used to get when I went up those stairs. Perhaps if I stick to it for another month there will be some room to breathe.

One might say that my “Stuff Room” was overstuffed.  I have half a shelf full of old 33 RPM Vinyl Comedy Records that I hope to get around to listening to. I’m getting eager to find the time to listen to some of that old stuff.

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