There is Greatness in YOU!

greatnessI’ve looked at thousands of people in audiences all over the world and said, “There is greatness in you.” I just figured that many of those people had never heard that message before and they needed to hear it. I believed that what I was saying was true and I hoped that I could get them to believe it. From some of the feedback I have received over the years I do conclude that many of them started believing that and with that belief then went out and found some measure of success in their lives. Compare that with what many kids have heard again and again. “You rotten kid. You’re just like your father. You are going to be nothing but trouble the rest of your life.” “We become what we think about all day long.” Ralph Waldo Emerson said it. Earl Nightingale repeated it. Budda said it too. I had a record by Earl Nightingale in the years when my life was most troubled and I listened to it again and again and again. “We become what we think about.” Try thinking, “There is greatness in me.” Drum it into your subconscious mind. Next start searching for some inkling of greatness in yourself. Oh, you won’t see greatness when you first look for it. It might just be a rough talent that has made itself known. Look for something that you enjoy doing. I discovered writing and speaking and I worked for many years honing those rough talents and it was years before I found success using these talents.

Search for a Mentor that might see that spark of greatness in you. A mentor who had shown the world his or her greatness, even if it is in the early stages. Get online and check out and seek a segment that ties in with your talent inkling. Never forget…There is greatness in you. Now get out and find it.

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