Traveling Light

By the second trip we discovered that we had to use our imagination in packing

At one point in my life I was appointed as Claim Agent for Air Canada. It required practically no additional work for me and made me eligible for free air line passes for my entire family. When I first started using them I lived in Detroit and all we had to do was drive across the bridge to Windsor, Ontario  and fly into Toronto where we could fly all over Europe and also the Caribbean Islands.For several visits I took my wife to Barbados and we would bask in the sunshine and each summer I would pack up two of our children and visit Europe using a little guide titled Europe on Ten Dollars a day.This was in the late fifties and our U.S. Dollar was worth two or three times the currency in Europe. We’d go for two weeks and the children were required to carry their own bags.  By the second trip we discovered that we had to use our imagination in packing. One of the tricks I learned was to take the kids over to the Goodwill store and pick up some clothing and then as we changed clothing traveling we would leave our dirty clothes behind at the hotels. When we discarded stuff we then had room in our bags for new stuff.  What a great idea!  Every time you get something you get rid of something, just leave it behind. What if every time I bought clothing I got rid of something. Same with books and all of this other stuff that has my office so cluttered I hardly have room to sit down at my computer. I think I will start on that tomorrow.  Or maybe the next time I go to Europe.

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