Walking A Little Taller

We need to walk a little taller...

We need to walk a little taller…

Today when I visited the SportsPlex for my work out they had a finish plasterer working on the ceiling.  He wore a light weight set of stilts which raised him off the ground just high enough so that he could do some overhead finishing and at one point I watched him do an area some twenty feet long in just one continuing swipe.  WOW!  When I was a kid I made a pair of stilts out of pieces of 2’X2′ lumber and I nailed a wedge for my feet to rest on.  The poles came up under my arms and I was able to walk anywhere with them and even do a little dance on them.  The stilts I saw this morning were strapped on this plasterer’s legs and it freed him to work with both hands.

It was all I could do to leave the building without trying to get a chance to try to walk on them.  Unfortunately, no one in that crew spoke a word of English.   Right now, here in America I think we could all use a light weight pair of stilts. We need to walk a little taller and put a brighter smile on our face. We need a lift and I just hope that in some way I can give that life to those around me.  Remember to keep on looking for the good around you, it is there to be found, believe me.

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