Warming Jacket

Water FallIn this recent Artic Blast our temperature here was low enough for us to take a new look at what we were wearing. I dug into my closet. I got to wearing a sweat shirt and a hoodie around the house and then before I went outside I dug deep, deep into my closet and discovered an aqua colored Hellyl Hansen double lined 100% nylon outer shell. It had a zipper in front that went on up on the collar right up to my nose. On the outside left chest area was embroidered “Alamgamated Sugar Company, Safety 200 Club, Twin Falls.” What an awesome memory that triggered. In June of 1997 That firm hired me to fly in to Twin Falls, Idaho and together with it’s vice president of operations Pete Chertidi we toured together throughout the states of Oregon and Idaho visiting their sugar factories. I made a two hour safety presentation at each plant. I will never forget the day we visited the Shoshone Falls and there had been so much rain that the falls had a record setting amount of water going over the falls and instead of just “Twin Falls” like the name of the community nearby, there were a dozen or so roaring water falls. Pete wrote me and described it so well saying, “The Shoshone Falls were definitely breathtaking weren’t they? The word magnificent was invented to describe such a force of nature at work. It was a spiritual experience in its own right.”

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