Weather People

Tip of the Hat

Car covered with snowWeather people.  Here’s a tip of the hat to those brave souls we call “Weather persons.” Can you imagine what it would be like to spend your whole life talking about the weather?  All I’m good for is short comments like “It’s raining.”  Or maybe “Cold outside.”  How can they do it?  Right now they are in there on TV, a whole team of them, doing full time reports on how much snow fell and what the temperature is currently in every city, town and hamlet in our fair state.  People in areas not covered need not feel neglected because there are two ways they can send in a photo of their snow and their own weather report and it will be reported. Novices in the weather business are forced to stand outside with a yard stick making exciting reports on the depth of the snow.  One eager reporter gave a little seminar on how to go out yourself and measure the snow.  Oh well, it’s a career and you can get a degree in the subject.  Oh, you have a degree in weather, is it high or low?  I would guess it depends on the time of day.. May God bless America, cold or hot, wet or dry, and keep our troops from harm.

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