What If?

US Flag(This is something I wrote and used in my Bicentennial speeches nationally in 1976.)

But what if at the battle of Bunker Hill, William Prescott had said, “Don’t one of you fire until you see the whites of their eyes…and I’ll be back tomorrow, fellows, to see how you’re doing.

What if Patrick Henry had said, “Give me liberty—or preferably, time off for good behavior”?

What if those Boston Harbor patriots had said, “We can’t throw that cargo overboard, it’s time for our coffee break..”

What if John Paul Jones had said, “I have not yet begun to fight…but I’d sure prefer some kind of compromise.”?

What if Benjamin Franklin had said, “You guys can all hang together, I’m going out to  fly my kite.”

And what if Paul Revere had said, “I can’t ride tonight, fellows…my boy’s over at his girl friend’s with the family horse…?

And what did you say the last time you were asked to do something for America?

Go out today…tomorrow…look around you and be honest…   and do something good for America!

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