Whatever is Special

... in fairly heavy traffic it suddently dawned on me...

… in fairly heavy traffic it suddently dawned on me…

I got up early for an early appointment with my eye doctor and as I was driving east on Interstate 40 in fairly heavy traffic it suddenly dawned on me that many of the drivers around me were taking a trip that they take five days a week…week in and week out and they report to work on time and do the same sort of work every day under supervision.  It suddenly hit me how lucky I have been in my lifetime.  I used to drive to work like that and report to work at 8 AM in Detroit, Michigan but I have not had a job where I had to do that since late in 1960.  I was transferred from Detroit to Battle Creek, Michigan and I didn’t have a boss within a hundred miles.  I could fairly well work my own hours and I must admit that I set my work schedule to suit all of the other things I had going on in my life for the final ten years from 1973-1983 when I went out on my own as a speaker-writer.

I can’t explain the tremendous feeling of independence that I felt as I drove along that highway that morning.  I just bet that most of our readers have something going for them like that in their lives; something special about their jobs that they fail to recognize. Maybe they get to take home three free chickens a week or perhaps they get a new computer each year. Maybe it is a car, comp tickets, something so before you go home tonight, look around you and thank your lucky stars for whatever it is special about your job that you have been overlooking. Why not visit my blog and tell me about your special perk or situation?

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