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Art Fettig's - Annoying Mosquito Ring Tone

…it’s an annoying buzz.

The Mosquito Ringtone is a high frequency ringtone that many adults can’t hear. This makes the Mosquito Ringtone a secret ringtone used by kids so adults (like teachers & parents) can’t hear their cell phones ring. You might download the mosquito ring tone for free.To many people, especially older folks, the mosquito ringtone is “silent”, while to others it’s an annoying buzz. We lose the ability to hear high frequencies as we get older, a condition called Presbycusis. Some begin to lost this at age twenty-five. Some adults can hear high frequencies like the Mosquito Ringtone so kids, you should test it before relying on it to say, cheat in class (not that I’m suggesting that).

(What a waste…I have enough trouble just hearing that fog horn on my cell phone.) Just an example of young people trying to make old people look older. That same conspiracy group had been putting more and more printed material into six point type.

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