What’s in Your Wallet

There was one item which had been in my wallet for years...

There was one item which had been in my wallet for years…

The other night I was sorting out that mass of corporate cards that had accumulated in my wallet. Discount cards. Credit Cards, My medical treatment cards. What a mess and I eliminated about 2/3s of that pile. There was one item which had been in my wallet for years and I sort of smiled when I found it. It was a still crisp $100 bill. I’d guess that that folded up $100 bill had saved me thousands of dollars in my lifetime and brought me a lot of pleasure and satisfaction. It is my mad money. I can spend it for anything I want to at any time. It is there for me to buy so much of that special stuff that I thought I would like to buy before I had it. Unless you try it you will never understand it. It sometimes feels really bad when you want to buy something and you just can’t afford it. That $100 bill makes it possible for you to purchase any of that stuff that you see that appeals to you but you don’t think you should buy. I guess it is all nonsense or psychology which are often the same thing but having that $100 bill there gives me a freedom that I never had when I was short of money. It gave me an edge in making decisions. I no longer walked away from things I thought I needed just because I could not afford them, it was because I didn’t really want those things bad enough to spend that extra cash on hand feeling that that bill provided. It provided me with a new sense of wealth and independence.

I figure that about at least half of life is a mind game.. that is feeling happy or sad or rich or poor; a success or a failure…In my lifetime I have discovered that there are more happy poor people than there are rich people. Givers wear a lot more smiles than takers. And if you want to get churchly you might say it is more blessed to give than receive. Well, in this case, just hang on to that hundred in your wallet. You can put one or two of them in you shoe just for giving.

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